cow springs cemetery

Back around 1950 Levi Whiteman and I visited my friend Jake Van Sweden, once a linotype operator I worked with at Chick Taylor Press. He had married a woman whose folks homesteaded on the now south shore of Ute Lake. The homestead was near Cow Springs (in Quay County). Levi and I explored the area and found a little cemetery we called Cow Springs Cemetery.

It was on land originally owned by Selso Garcia, one mile east of Cow Springs. Jake Van Sweden eventually moved to northeast Oklahoma. His son Bob now, or did, owns the ranch Selso Garcia used to have. I stopped by Jake's home in Oklahoma a few years ago and he told me his wife, Ruth, and a baby son was buried in this cemetery too.

Copyright © 1999, 2000 by Don McAlavy.
Here are the names I wrote down back around 1950, and including the two
Van Sweden burials later:

Ruth Van Sweden, died 1965
Baby Boy Van Sweden, died 1962
Antonio Castillo "Indian", died 1887
Barbarita Martinez (a little girl) no date
Juan Pablo Garcia (Maximo Garcia's father) died 1887
Mrs. Miguel Garcia, 1888
Mr. Miguel Garcia, no date
Virginia Gallegos, no date
Eulanterio Gallegos, no date
Jose Gallegos (children of Mr. and Mrs. Sostenos Gallegos, buried same day),
no dates
Guadalupe Garcia (son of Selso Garcia), no date
Vadal Chavez (son of M/M Eleseo Chavez, 1919
Doroteo Garcia (son of M/M Maximo Garcia, drowned in Canadian River),
Aurora Garcia (Baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Garcia, 1918
Mrs. Eleseo Chavez, 1920
Cristobal Garcia, 1922