Quay County Cemeteries

(Here's a piece of history on the Tucumcari cemetery: The first Tucumcari cemetery was located west of the city and north of the current location of the cemetery. A new cemetery known as "Sunnyside: was later begun. The first burials took place about 1903. This name was changed in the late 1930s, to TucumcariMemorialParkCemetery after completion by the CCC boys of a rock wall surrounding the cemetery. The Civic Works Committee announced in 1935 the opening of the acreage west of, and adjoining the cemetery, enlarging the cemetery from eight to more than 30 acres. (I don't know, but I suspect they took in the first old burials.) The above info came from the 1997 book "In the Shadow of the Mountain - Living in Tucumcari" by Debra Ann Whittington. This book would make a good resource book for the Quay website. Don McAlavy)

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List provided by High Plains Historical Fd., Inc.

        ALLEN  Cemetery
        ANNISON  Cemetery
        APODACA  Cemetery
        BARD  Cemetery
        BEEVERS  Cemetery
        BROLYE Cemetery
        BRITT  Cemetery
        BROWN  Cemetery
        BROWNING  Cemetery
        CENTER  Cemetery
        COW SPRINGS Cemetery
        DODSON  Cemetery
        ENDEE  Cemetery
        GARCIA  Cemetery
        GERHARDT Cemetery
        HANLEY  Cemetery
        HASSELL  Cemetery
        HOUSE  Cemetery
        HUDSON  Cemetery
        IMA  Cemetery
        LATHAN  Cemetery
        LOGAN  Cemetery
        MARQUEZ  Cemetery 
        McALISTER  Cemetery
        MONTOYA  Cemetery
        NARA VISA CATHOLIC Cemetery 
        NARA VISA  PROTESTANT  Cemetery
        NEW HOME  Cemetery
        NORTON  Cemetery
        OBAR  Cemetery
        PALOMAS  Cemetery
        PARADISE  Cemetery
        PLAIN  Cemetery
        PLEASANT VALLEY  Cemetery
        PRATER  Cemetery
        PUERTO (Hodges) Cemetery 
        QUAY  Cemetery
        RANA  Cemetery 
        RILEY CAMP  Cemetery
        ROOSEVELT  Cemetery
        ROWE  Cemetery
        SAN JON  Cemetery
        SPANISH CROSSES  Cemetery
        STOCKTON  Cemetery
        WEST   Cemetery
        WHEATLAND (Blair)  Cemetery

San Ysidro Catholic Cemetery, San Miguel County, NM located on the Gonzales Ranch.

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